Mindhunter (Aka yay David Fincher!)

So recently we started Mindhunter. Ever since seeing the trailer I’ve wanted to watch it. A friend of mine recently reached out to her friends to ask if the show was worth pursuing as the main character was awkward and jarring to watch.. this just made me want to watch it more! I do love a naturally awkward lead. I enjoy watching things with others might consider a struggle. I like to be challenged, to be faced with conflicting emotions and opinions. It forces me to feel, rather than just watching something totally uninteresting.

I have to say, and I know this is the point, but watching it as a woman is tough going. Deborah is a great character and when she is on the screen she imparts fair, strict knowledge and emotions. I connect with her feelings and statements but I was never as strong or confident as she is. But aside from this, there is a lot of sitting through men tearing down women. And, to reiterate, I know this is part of the point. Getting to know these men, you have to relate to them. Holdens struggle with this, with the fear of losing himself, is great to watch. I enjoy his character a lot (not to mention the fact that his name just reminds me of Holder from The Killing). But we don’t get to see nearly as much of this struggle as I would like. It peeks through the door every now and then, to remind us that they do not really feel what they express in the meetings with the killers. But it does not linger, and so doesn’t really feel like too much of a struggle. There isn’t much talk about how the women were used and abused.

I love David Fincher. Ever since Alien 3, which controversially I do like. I enjoy its dark, “I will piss on the fire of hope left after Aliens” attitude. It dingy, stark, cold, and I love it. Even if Fincher himself has renounced it. Then come two of my favourite films, Seven and Fight Club (I personally prefer Seven if I had to pick..). So I have been well aware of Fincher and his gritty works from a young age. I am keen to see what he can do with this.

I am up to about episode 6 or so.. I am looking forward to watching the rest. The characters are interesting, well thought out. The killers are deep and with interesting backstories. Watching some of them makes me nervous and I am not even in the room. I just want to see more of the struggle.. I do love being able to will on and support an ailing protagonist ❤