Food stuffs – Bulldog Tonkatsu Sauce

Food stuffs – Bulldog Tonkatsu Sauce

Recently I saw a cooking video where someone mentioned Bulldog Tonkatsu sauce. Of course because it was something new, I’d never tried it or heard of it before I instantly wanted it! 

Literally days later we visited my home town for our anniversary (2 years yay ❤ xx)  and they had a small but ample Oriental food shop opening up and what did I find, Tonkatsu sauce. Insta-buy! 

It was fairly accurate to describe it as a mix of Worcester and Brown sauce, but there is a twang I can’t describe, and it’s delicious. 

I haven’t had much opportunity to utilise the sauce as of yet, but it’s tasty on the side or top of a complimentary dish. I even made pasta with a tomato sauce and parsley base, added Tonkatsu to the sauce mix which contained onions, capers, sugar and a splash of mirin and soy. Once the pasta was cooked I mixed it in with the sauce. Sounds weird right? Somehow it was nice. The salty capers were lovely little gems bursting with flavour amongst the savory, sweet and salty sauce mix. I would definitely make it again. 

I am looking forward to using Tonkatsu sauce in more creations, looks like it will become a staple in our kitchen. Sometime I would love to try making my own! 

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