Finally Fantasy XV..

I am writing this at 7:45am.. Today is upon us,  finally the game I’ve waited for since 2006 will be delivered to my door. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this. I’ve been coaching myself to be ready for the fact that I may not be able to play it when it is finally here, I am working today and much of the week, and work vastly effects my energy levels. Possibly because of this I feel like the excitement hasn’t quite crept to the surface yet… but I’m sure it will.

I remember seeing the very first trailer when it was announced in 2006. Hailed as a darker installment in the final Fantasy series, and headed up by the development team behind kingdom Hearts, one of my favourite game series of all time, I was buzzing. And the trailer had the Kingdom Hearts Mark all over it. Amazing music written by one of my idols Yoko Shimomura,  it was amazing and it sparked something inside of me. Director Hajime Tabata has worked on games such as Crisis Core Final Fantasy which I loved. Producer Shinji Hashimoto is the creator of Kingdom Hearts I am in awe of this. Writer Kazushige Nojima has written for many final Fantasy series including 7, 8, 10, Crisis Core and Kingdom Hearts. He also wrote the lyrics for Suteki Da Ne which is one of my favourite songs. Music written by Yoko Shimomura as I mentioned a real true hero of mine and character designs by Tetsuya Nomura. A real dream team for me. 

But years went by and nothing, no info no mentions no nothing. After years passed I began to come to terms with the fact that this game may never see the Light of Day. 

So along comes e3 2013 and I’m looking forward to seeing new information on the new consoles and some games as well. I was not prepared for What Hit me straight in the heart that year. Out of nowhere there was a trailer for final Fantasy versus XIII.. it was alive! And not only that they were giving it its own proper number. I couldn’t believe it I was astounded. What with the announcement of another game I thought would never come to pass, Kingdom Hearts III, I cried at e3 that year, tears were shed. 

I’ve changed a whole lot in 10 years. Heck I went back to college, went to uni, rented my first place and now am the proud owner of my own home. I now have the family I always longed for, a loving fiancee and dog. I have finally been recognised by doctors and am getting the help I need. I am a very different person from the girl I remember drawing Noctis all those years ago.

And now this morning I’ve just woken up to an email from Square Enix store telling me that this game is on its way to my house right now. Is being a journey. I can’t really get a reading on how I feel right now but I just can’t tell how I’m going to feel when that box lands into my hands. Actually I’m tearing up just talking about it..! 


Scratch that disc!  – live edition – Final Fantasy XV live concert from Abbey Road 

Scratch that disc!  – live edition – Final Fantasy XV live concert from Abbey Road 

Last night on the way home from work I eagerly anticipated this impromptu concert (I only found out about it that morning). 

My history with Final Fantasy XV is a long and emotional one. At one point I had come to bitter terms with the fact that it might not even come into existence. I always anticipated this more than others because it’s in the hands of the co creator of the Kingdom Hearts series, being directed by the director of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and scored by the incredible Yoko Shimomura. The E3 where they re-announced it, at the end of the trailer the versus 13 logo shattered to reveal the XV symbol, I literally cried. I cried at that E3. To see it here in front of my eyes, growing, moulding, twisting like a baby inside an egg waiting to hatch, is truly a pleasure. 

I also have massive admiration, respect and love for the wonderful Yoko Shimomura. I have grown up with her music through the inspirational Kingdom Hearts soundtrack. Her music fed my emotions, brought tears to my eyes, grew determination I never knew I had. She is a huge idol of mine, a lady who helped shape my life. 

So the concert! It was awesome, although I found myself wishing I had a better speaker set up! The first ever performance of Noctis theme, and of course Somnus, brought a tear to my eye. I used to play in am Orchestra, so when they show the close ups of the musicians playing I know their experience of the music is far more intense and vivid than ours. Playing in an orchestra is like being surrounded by the music, by the raw emotions. I try and imagine what it would be like if I was there next to them, the music swirling around me. 

I hope more events like this happen!