Want to come into the room of Wills, sit in the comfiest chair, and chat with me about anime, gaming, culture, feelings (yup!) figures, music, and much more?

Good, because that’s what will happen here. You can also look at a really old university project. If that’s your thing.

The Journey.

OK, so, what brought me here, right now? Basically, life. Now that might seem very vague, life is a huge space, time, topic! I’m here because every time I talk to someone, I emote to someone, about my feelings in their truest, raw form I get told it’s because of something. I’m more emotional because I suffer from Persistent Physical Symptoms. I can’t cope with life because I didn’t grow up with a brother teasing me constantly. I got fed up of the “because“. It always validated the other thing, taking away from the “me”, my own thought and perception of my “self”.

I thought, why can’t I feel crazy emotions from a song? Why can’t I talk about these feelings when I have them? I am here, online, because I thought I can’t be the only one who feels this way.I thought maybe someone else sees life in the crazy, bright, insipid colours I do. And thought hey, it’s not bad to see things this way.

As I mentioned I suffer from Persistent Physical Symptoms such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, so I thought if I manage to do something, I’d like to make note of it. It helps to remember the things you manage to do, whether those are big or small. My memory is shocking, so physically writing it down will help a lot. And perhaps others will want to read such notes.

So, the gist is! Discussions will be had about anime, gaming, and anything else I manage to do in my day to day life. 

Now in my talk above, I’m being very general. I have a wonderful fiancee who copes well with the struggles of my every day life, and helps me as much as he can. My soul beast Bonnie (half german shepherd half collie) is by my side always, even if I can’t get out of bed she lies with me. I am and I feel very loved, so it won’t always be doom and gloom!

I’d love it if these posts brought something to you, the reader, whether it is a similar reaction to an anime episode, being able to grab the same rare figure as me, or just laughing at something online.

Emotions are sweet, lets share them together =]


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