Scratch that disc!  – live edition – Final Fantasy XV live concert from Abbey Road 

Scratch that disc!  – live edition – Final Fantasy XV live concert from Abbey Road 

Last night on the way home from work I eagerly anticipated this impromptu concert (I only found out about it that morning). 

My history with Final Fantasy XV is a long and emotional one. At one point I had come to bitter terms with the fact that it might not even come into existence. I always anticipated this more than others because it’s in the hands of the co creator of the Kingdom Hearts series, being directed by the director of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and scored by the incredible Yoko Shimomura. The E3 where they re-announced it, at the end of the trailer the versus 13 logo shattered to reveal the XV symbol, I literally cried. I cried at that E3. To see it here in front of my eyes, growing, moulding, twisting like a baby inside an egg waiting to hatch, is truly a pleasure. 

I also have massive admiration, respect and love for the wonderful Yoko Shimomura. I have grown up with her music through the inspirational Kingdom Hearts soundtrack. Her music fed my emotions, brought tears to my eyes, grew determination I never knew I had. She is a huge idol of mine, a lady who helped shape my life. 

So the concert! It was awesome, although I found myself wishing I had a better speaker set up! The first ever performance of Noctis theme, and of course Somnus, brought a tear to my eye. I used to play in am Orchestra, so when they show the close ups of the musicians playing I know their experience of the music is far more intense and vivid than ours. Playing in an orchestra is like being surrounded by the music, by the raw emotions. I try and imagine what it would be like if I was there next to them, the music swirling around me. 

I hope more events like this happen! 


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