Soapbox Streaming Vol 1: BoJack’s Back!

Oh first post first post! Now that we’ve jumped on that elephant and ridden it around the room, lets head on in!

Soapbox Streaming Vol 1: BoJack’s Back!!

Topic: BoJack Horseman Series 3     Where: Netflix

At the time of writing this we’re jumping in at season 3. I’d seen both previous series (and the Xmas special) as and when they had emerged onto streaming giant Netflix. I remember thinking the style looked cool, plus it had awesome comedian Will Arnett at the helm.

So to start off, the character designs are brilliant, from their names to their quirky behaviors. For once we are not seeing cutsey, over the top fluffy bunny wiggly smiggly.. you get the picture. I mean, take Princess Carolyn. She looks horrifying! Just like every Persian cat in existence, and I should know I had a half Persian. She was a cruel mistress. And Officer Meow Meow Fuzzy Face.. Hoo boy, that name. I used to live next door to a German Shepherd who had been named “Cheeser” by the human children he lived with. It’s a breath of fresh air, it’s real.

When I’m watching BoJack, I feel like I’m an onion, peeling back the layers of my own self. I feel I can relate to each character in different ways. BoJack is our self hate, our want to explode, our destructive nature personified. He will go out of his way to do something knowing full well it is the wrong thing. But BoJack believes that is “how he is” so he surrenders to this perception of himself. He is our inner craving to blow off the world and not care about anything else or the consequences of our actions. Even if you upset everyone in the world, it will never be your fault. I have definitely spent some of my days channeling BoJack.

Diane is everyone’s moral voice, a code we wish we could live by, which sometimes contradicts itself but is rooted in well-being. She indulges in her share of pessimism which is why her and BoJack gravitate towards each other, both of their self loathing manifests itself as hatred towards others.She relates to my want to reach certain places and goals, but can never quite get there.

Mr Peanutbutter is our hopeless optimism. He says yes to everything, just agrees because he gets excited at the idea, even if he doesn’t fully comprehend what the idea is! I adore his character, probably because I adore dogs! His character must have been written by a dog lover, it’s so well done. He also channels our inner hatred for tennis, why does no one catch the ball?

Princess Carolyn is every strong woman out to prove herself, trying to avoid the struggles of being a female in the workplace. She also highlights the issues within relationships, friends or otherwise. We have all had those one-sided relationships and you think you can have a professional relationship or a friendships afterwards but you just end up doing everything for them and hating yourself. You know you should buck up and leave them to it but you just cant put yourself first. You need them. But when you cut them lose its great. You realise you can control things, if you want to turn the car around and make that risotto you can. If you want to.

And of course the world is fantastic. It is so rich in detail, from nostalgia to new ideas. It fits the characters perfectly. Because so many real life issues are discussed in the ongoing story it almost creates our world within theirs.

The other huge factor is the writing. Which is great. Its dry, witty, comedic, connects to all of us, and tackles real events and messages but not in an in your face or cringey kind of way. It’s done very cleverly. This show is proof that there is life beyond the “main character romance”. If the audience connects with the characters, then they become invested in what happens to them.. life doesn’t end when a relationship does. It picks up and carries on, and we all do alongside BoJack Horseman.

All in all, I love this one. I wait with bated breath for the next installment.

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